Surya Nepal Asha Social Entrepreneurship Award 2012

Celebrating entrepreneurs who create social, environmental and economic values

Asha Social Entrepreneurship Award, event scheduled for Dec 18 [TKP]

[Published in The Kathmandu Post, Dated 6 Decemebr 2012]

THE second edition of the Surya Nepal Asha Social Entrepreneurship Award is being held on December 18, in which five young entrepreneurs will be awarded for their innovative ideas, commitment and vision for the social change. Sponsored by Surya Nepal, organised by Change Fusion Nepal and supported by National Business Initiative, the programme has nominated 15 youth entrepreneurs of the country. These entrepreneurs are not only running successful business ventures, but also contributing to the society. According to the organisers, this award ceremony is being held to recognise the contribution of those who have been running enterprises for social welfare. Out of the 15 finalists, five will receive the prestigious award. A jury consisting experts with diverse backgrounds will select the winners. The carries a combination of financial, networking, mentoring and PR support. Luna Shrestha Thakur, founding director at Change Fusion Nepal, said after receiving 84 applications from the youths throughout the country, 15 finalists were selected on the basis of their sustainability, their ability to make social impact and uniqueness of their venture. “The award ceremony will celebrate the winners along with other individuals who dedicate their lives to positive change,” said Thakur.

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