Surya Nepal Asha Social Entrepreneurship Award 2012

Celebrating entrepreneurs who create social, environmental and economic values

Seminar Series on SE (THT)

[Published in The Himalayan Times Perspective, Dated 18 November, 2012]

ChangeFusion Nepal in association with National Business Initiative and Surya Nepal Asha will be organising a three-day seminar series on social entrepreneurship (SE) from November 22 to 24. The seminar series is being organised since 2011 as one of the three events under the Surya Nepal Asha Social Entrepreneurship Award (SNASEA) — an initiative to promote the concept of SE and an attempt to recognise such hidden heroes from across Nepal.

The seminar series are aimed to live up to the spirits of SNASEA by catering to the needs of aspiring and existing social entrepreneurs and potential investors trying to explore this new breed of entrepreneurship. All the sessions for the three days are being kept free and open to public to ensure maximum participation of interested individuals from organisations, institutions, businesses or even general public trying to understand the concept of SE and looking forward to contribute to the society through SE.

This seminar is being organised with the main aim of providing learning ground and mentorship to the would-be and existing social entrepreneurs. The seminar sessions will also bridge the gap between would-be and existing social entrepreneurs, both early to late stages, investors, philanthropists, capacity builders, individual experts, government organisations and motivated individuals.

DAY 1: The first day of the seminar series has been designed for aspiring social entrepreneurs with sessions on innovation and infusing new ideas being conducted by Bal K Joshi (co-founder and managing director of, and a technical and an interactive session on drafting an effective plan to turn ideas into a business venture. These sessions will be conducted so as to introduce and promote, among the would-be entrepreneurs, the concept of SE and problem solving through business models.

DAY 2: The second day of the seminar is specifically designed for existing social entrepreneurs with sessions focusing on the challenges faced by them like incorporating innovative solutions, finance and accounting, gathering investments, legal issues involved, sales and marketing, branding, human resource and much more. There will also be a two-hour session showcasing the success stories of social entrepreneurs from across the world to encourage the attendees to be exemplary in Nepal too.

DAY 3: The third day will provide a pitching space to aspiring entrepreneurs to present their venture ideas and also provide an opportunity to existing social entrepreneurs seeking investments to have a session with potential investors to raise funds to start up or scale up their ventures. There will also be an open floor panel discussion featuring representatives from different sectors — government, bank, business house, social entrepreneur — during the second half of the day on SE and its opportunities in Nepal.

Networking sessions: Each of the three days of seminar will have an open floor networking event from 5:00 pm onwards to provide an opportunity for all types of attendees, speakers and participants to interact and build contacts. The floor will be held every day by some renowned personalities from Nepal and abroad with expertise on diverse fields of SE.

The seminar sessions for all three days are being organised by targeting different types of audiences every day. The speakers are both from Nepal and abroad and most of the sessions will be bilingual — Nepali and English. Though the sessions are free and open, there will, however, be limited seats available for each session and the seats will be provided on first come first serve basis. So, the interested attendees are required to fill up the registration form within November 18, 2012. Online registration forms are available at http://asha2012.wordpress. com/snasea/seminar/snase-seminar-2012/.

For more information on the seminar please visit: or contact
01-4462254 (O) 9813198453 (M).


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