Surya Nepal Asha Social Entrepreneurship Award 2012

Celebrating entrepreneurs who create social, environmental and economic values


Surya Nepal Asha Social Entrepreneurship Award; first ever award to recognize the Nepalese social entrepreneurs who create values for PEOPLE, PLANET and PROFIT

There are many ordinary people doing extraordinary work to create social, environmental and economic value. Often we do not even know about their great achievements. The, Surya Nepal Asha Social Entrepreneurship Award (SNASEA) brings those hidden heroes out to the public. We award the best ventures and give all of our applicants the opportunity to join our network and promote their products and/or services.

The SNASEA is an event to showcase the ideas and products of social entrepreneurs through Bazaar, Seminars and Award. All of them aim at recognizing and promoting those who create value for people, planet and profit and those who become job creators instead of job seekers.

Surya Nepal Asha Social Entrepreneurship Award is sponsored by Surya Nepal Private Limited, organised by ChangeFusion Nepal and supported by NBI.

Bazaar: The Bazaar is a marketplace with a difference; with a  focus on exchanging  ideas rather than just products:
•    Social entrepreneurs display their products, services or ideas to customers, potential investors, friends and other guests.
•    This gathering is a learning ground for the entrepreneurs to market and network with potential customers and investors and a great opportunity for all guests and exhibitors to share ideas and develop new ones.
•    Experts and seasoned entrepreneurs give their time to discuss ideas and business plans

Seminars: The seminars provide an environment of learning for the guests and entrepreneurs and is a great  opportunity to exchange ideas and interact:
•    Social Entrepreneurs speak about their ideas and ventures with guests, fellow entrepreneurs and potential investors. Feedback and suggestions will be important for them to learn and grow.
•    Established social entrepreneurs share their stories. They tell about the ups and downs of starting a business, about the challenges and how to convert them into opportunities, and they are happy to discuss business plans and venture ideas.
•    Experts speak about how to access finance, how to develop business plans and implement them, how to establish networks and successful partnerships, how to improve sales and marketing and other issues of major interest to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Award Ceremony : The Ceremony will see the most innovative, successful, effective or promising social entrepreneurs being awarded. This event receives special attention of the media, the business community and investors.


To download SNASEA 2011’s event review, please click here.

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