Surya Nepal Asha Social Entrepreneurship Award 2012

Celebrating entrepreneurs who create social, environmental and economic values


Award Ceremony is one of the three events of SNASEA held to formally recognize the unsung heroes of Nepalese Society for their achievements as a Social Entrepreneur and their success in creating values for the people and planet through profit. The vision of the award is not only to celebrate the hidden heroes for their great initiatives but also to showcase their ventures and the impacts they have made.

The Award sees some renowned Entrepreneurs and Intellectuals from the country and also from abroad. Cash prize is handed over to the winners in this ceremony.

Selection Criteria:
The applicants are  filtered through these criteria and the ones scoring the highest marks are declared the winners:

  • Person: A track record of trustworthiness and good stakeholder relations is a precondition for eligibility. The person needs to have displayed the grit, vision and passion to succeed.
  • Project: The project needed to be:
  1. Socially / environmentally impactful: The venture should be impactful in transforming systems to tackle the causes of poverty, marginalization, and /or environmental deterioration. It should also demonstrate the potential to achieve wider social and/or environmental change.
  2. Sustainable: The ventures, either non-profit or for-profit, must have an income-generation component, and show capacity to sustain themselves through their own income streams.
  3.  Innovative: The venture should be a new solution or approach to a social and/or environmental problem.
  4. Scalable: The Venture should be based on a model that can be scaled-up or reproduced by other entrepreneurs or replicated by other institutions or in other geographic areas.
  5. Credible: The venture should demonstrate credibility by benefitting a large proportion of society or marginalized groups and operating on the basis of dono-harm principles and limiting negative external effects

Here is a video showing the journey of SNASEA 2011.

Here is a page summary of the awardees of SNASEA 2011.

SNASEA awarded these five individuals in 2011. Click on their names to see a brief introduction of the awardees and their ventures.

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