Surya Nepal Asha Social Entrepreneurship Award 2012

Celebrating entrepreneurs who create social, environmental and economic values

Juries for SNASEA 2011

SNASEA 2011 had 8 Juries. No words of appreciation will be enough to thank them for their help and guidance which made the first ever SNASEA possible . The Juries and a short profile about them are listed below alphabetically.


Mr. Anil Chitrakar : Mr. Chitrakar is an Engineer and Energy Planner who has received the Ashoka fellowship, the Rolex Award and the Silicon Valley Tech Award for his work. He is a renowned Social Entrepreneur and also the Co-founder of Himalayan Climate Initiative. He is again back in SNASEA 2012 as an Adviser.

Mr. Ashutosh Tiwari : Mr. Tiwari is the WaterAid’s Country Representative for Nepal. He is also a co-founder of Entrepreneurs for Nepal, which brings together entrepreneurs for discussions, networking activities, bootcamps, and investments.  His areas of expertise include SMEs, entrepreneurship, non-profit management, water, development and public policy. He is again back in SNASEA 2012 as an Adviser.

Mr. Anil Parajuli : Mr. Parajuli is one of the co-founders and Executive Director at Himalayan HealthCare. Himalayan HeathCare is working with its mission of “Help people help themselves.” He is also a former Ashoka Fellow.

Ms. Catrin Froehlich : Ms. Froehlich is a Corporate social responsibility (CSR)expert at National Business Initiative. She also contributes a lot of time to writing articles, many of which have appeared in National Dailys in Nepal too.

Mr. Gautam SJB Rana : Mr Rana is the Executive Chairman of Babermahal Revisited. In 1995, building on what used to be the cowsheds and guard-house of Baber Mahal, Mr. Rana created a spectacular complex combining the various architectural styles developed during the Rana period, turning it into a virtual architectural museum. This space has seen a lot of events and ceremonies over the years since then.

Ms. Sadhana Shrestha : Ms. Shrestha is the Former Country Representative of the Ashoka Foundation.

Ms. Sulo Shrestha : Ms. Shrestha is the Founder of Formation Carpets and is also an Anti Child Labour Activist.  She has been instrumental in spearheading social “business with ethics” aspects of the business which resulted in her being awarded the MAHR Human Rights Award in 1997 .Ms. Shrestha’s work in anti-child labor activities also led to the formation of the RUGMARK label in 1995.

Mr. Tikajit Rai :  Mr. Rai is the founder of Magnus Consultancy. Magnus Consulting Group Pvt. Ltd., founded in 2004, is an Information and Communications Technology (ICT) company that operates as a social enterprise ( with a significant focus on rural farmers) which generates its own finaicial resources to engage in developmental activities in communities and offers range of services to its clients and strategic partners. He is again involved in SNASEA 2012 as one of the Jury members.

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