Surya Nepal Asha Social Entrepreneurship Award 2012

Celebrating entrepreneurs who create social, environmental and economic values

Exhibitors’s Names and Floor Plan of 3-Day Social Entrepreneurship Bazaar 2012

4th October, 2012 ( Thursday):

Handicraft Related:
-Kirtipur Hosiery Industry- Knitted products
– Leading Women’s Group (Empower) / Leading Women’s Association Handmade Silk Products – Hand Spun Silk Stole, Shawl, Sarees, Textiles.
– Entire Power in Social Action – Differently Able Women Skill Training Centre. Felt products made by differently abled .
Art and craft:
– Banners to Bags- Recycled bags made out of flex banners
– Higher Ground Crafts- Handicraft, Snacks – cookies, brownies
– Leo Club/Ritu saugat
– Janakpur Art and Craft-  Maithili/Mithila art products
– Miracle Bamboo Craft-  Home décor
Agro – based :
– The Beekeeping Shop (Beekeeping and Research Centre) – Honey, beeswax candles and cream + Training and assistance
– Natures Pride Enterprise-  Organic Akbare Chilli and pickle products
Tourism/Education/Energy :
– Mountain Delights Treks- Trekking venture, eco projects
– Maya Universe Academy- Private schools for village kids with 100% scholarship
– Audio Book Project ( Shared stall with Sabita Maharjan) – Audio Books
– Smart Paani (One Planer Solution Pvt. Ltd.) – Sustainable water management solutions
– Best Electronics Pvt. Ltd.-  Energy conserving, eco-friendly LED lights
Support Organizations :
– Biruwa Ventures Pvt. Ltd.-  Support for start ups – networking, avenues for funding, mentoring
– Business Incubation Program – Finance, mentoring, networking for entrepreneurs
– Nepal Sutra – Online Portal for marketing for nepalese businesses and organizations
Food :
– The Village Café  -Newari cuisine by home based women workers
– Indian Street Food – Indian Chaat
– Karma Coffee-  Coffee items, Coffee accessories made out of waste

5th October, 2012 ( Friday):

Handicraft- Related:
– Ninam Ridum Bio-Handicraft Center- Allo products – Shawls, slippers, bags, etc.
– Vijaya Development Resource Centre – Cushion covers, banana fibre products, resource centre, finance coop.
– Hamro Social Enterprises, ‘Hamro Products’  -Home décor, baby items, bags, laptop bags, wine case, nepali traditional clothing, environment friendly bags, menstruation pads, etc.
Art and craft :
– Malai Nepal Pyaro – Recycled Art – bags (old jeans), greeting cards, jewellery, wind chimes (tissue rolls, thread rolls, papyrus, etc. Service – Child welfare, education, gender equity
– Bottle Art – Bottle art out of waste materials
– Kunja Artistic Bead Works – Bead products + trainings
– HECAF/ Bir Hospital – Handicrafts from hospital waste
Agro based :
– Alternative Herbal Products Pvt. Ltd. – Herbal/fruit Juice, Honey, Herbal soaps, cream, oil, organic spices/coffee
– Kanchanjunga Tea State / Shangrila Agro – Tea, Coffee, Spices
Tourism/Energy/Education/Health :
– Community Siren – Community Rescue Siren
– Seeing Hands Nepal – Therapeutic Massage by professionally trained visually impaired masseurs + training opportunities for the blind
– Vajra Academy – Eco – School
– Health at Home Pvt. Ltd. – Health services
– Clean Concept Group – Solar solutions, energy audit
Support Organizations :
– Turnkey Promotions – Research, Promotions & Marketing services and Pottery
– Business Incubation Program – Finance, mentoring, networking for entrepreneurs
– Dolma Fund – Finance
– Samriddhi – The Prosperity Foundation Arthalaya, networking support
– Youth Action Fund/ KU Entrepreneurs Lab – Youth Activism
Food :
– The Village Café  -Newari Cuisine
– Indian Street Food – Indian Chaat

6th October, 2012 ( Saturday):

Handicraft Realted:
– Janakpur Women Development Centre-  Maithili/Mithila art products
-Candle + Natural Dyes – Candles + Natural dye products
– Nepal Grihini Udyog -Traditional nepali baby products, new mothers
– Manushi – Tye and Dye products
– Lahar Srijana – Traditional weaved products – Baskets, floor mats, Hand bags in date palm, corn husk.
– Craft Palace – Allo products
Art and craft :
– Training towards a brighter future – Prisoners Assistance Nepal Thanka Paintings, Wood carving, Jewellery
– Newa Décor and  Inclusion Empowerment Centre Pokhara( shared space)- Metal and wooden craft and Cyber Café for Visually impaired + Braille T-shirts
– Beni Crafts Recycled – Handicraft from plastics, tyres and tubes, rice sacks
Agro based :
– Nepal Beekeeping Central Cooperative – Honey
– Spicy Home Spices – Organic Spices
– Hajuri Khadya Udyog – Traditional Nepalese Pickle
– Tulajas Herbal Products – Cosmetic and health care
– Alpine Coffee Estate – Organic Coffee
Energy/Education :
– Koseli School (Centre for Slum n Street Children) – School for slum/street kids
– Foundation for Sustainable Technologies – Solar thermal devices, briquettes, energy conservation technologies + Training
Support Organizations :
– Clean Energy Development Bank – Financial services for women and young entrepreneurs
– Govt. Business Incubation Program – Finance, mentoring, networking for entrepreneurs
– Youth Action Fund/KU Entrepreneurs Lab
Food :
– Café Brown Sugar – Cakes, bread, fresh juice
– The Village Café – Newari Cuisine
– Indian Street Food – Indian Chaat

6 comments on “Exhibitors’s Names and Floor Plan of 3-Day Social Entrepreneurship Bazaar 2012

  1. Gaurav Kandel
    October 2, 2012

    Seems Great 🙂

  2. Tapa Dipti Sitaula
    October 2, 2012

    Is there an entrance fee? If yes, how much?

  3. bregen
    October 3, 2012

    Tapa Dipti Sitaula Ji, there is no entrance fee for visitors.

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  5. Nepal Sutra
    October 4, 2012

    See you at the Bazaar, NepalSutra

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